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D-Link Training & Certification 2015

Due to the demand we have received during past years, we are now offering the DNDA as on-line module and are now offering our new DCNP Surveillance course.

New way to book the training

You need to obtain a registration coupon code for each item you wish to register. Please contact your D-Link representative or alternatively you can purchase the registration code from the link below.

Training On Offer

All course materials and exams will be updated regularly. We highly recommend that attendees finalise their certification requirements within the same year that they attended the courses. Previous DNP and DPS records will get automatically updated to the new naming convention equivalent, for the existing students (accounts created before 1/1/2013) please contact your D-Link representative for more information on how to continue with your certification process.

DNDA (D-Link Network Design Associate)
DNDA course (DNDA13C) 6 hours online DNDA exam (DNDA13E)
DCNP (D-Link Certified Network Professional)
DCNP Switch course (DCNPS13L) 1 day, training and lab + reading materials DCNP Switch exam (DCNPS13E)
DCNP Wireless course (DCNPW13L) 1 day, training and lab + reading materials DCNP Wireless exam (DCNPW13E)
DCNP Firewall course (DCNPF13L) 1 day, training and lab + reading materials DCNP Firewall exam (DCNPF13E)
DCNP Surveillance course (DCNPC13L) 1 day, training and lab DCNP Surveillance exam (DCNPC13E)
DCNE Certification (D-Link Certified Network Engineer)
DCNE Certification requires completion of DNDA exam (DNDA13E), DCNP Switch course & exam (DCNPS13L + DCNPS13E), DCNP Wireless course & exam (DCNPW13L + DCNPW13E), DCNP Firewall course & exam (DCNPF13L + DCNPF13E), and DCNP Surveillance course & exam (DCNPC13L + DCNPC13E).

Upcoming Training

    3 February 2015

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